"Niko Home Control is the electrical installation that adds a whole new dimension to the conventional electrical installation. Do you want to see how Niko Home Control works in real conditions?"


  • “If you take one thing from my testimonial, trial the NIKO home automation system and user-friendly app before you start your renovation or new build project. It is unbelievable and once you’ve started to live with its functionality you can’t imagine life without it. Home automation wasn’t something that we originally planned or budgeted for in our home renovation, but whilst the major works were going on, having seen what NIKO was capable of it was the ideal opportunity for us to install an intelligent, integrated, wired system which seamlessly links our lights, music, security, blinds, heating and hot water into one flexible and scalable system. And the result… it really has surpassed all our expectations and we truly believe that it has added considerable value to our property.”

    Mrs Warner - Surrey
  • Andy, just wanted to say that Gareth and Josh are a credit to you and your company… they have put most trades to shame first there and last to leave and expert works… thank you.

    Mr & Mrs Eastwood - Skegness
  • As far as the programming is concerned, I am now very comfortable with it all. I have changed room shapes, introduced new rooms and changed a lot of the functions without problem. It is a very user friendly system.

    David - Hampshire
  • We just want to say a HUGE thanks to your lads for the fantastic work. They are such a credit to your company. Over the moon, finally having all lights and heating working to the standard they should.

    Mr & Mrs Owen - Anglesey

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