Home Control

It’s time for progress in electrical installation.

Using wall switches, touch screen technology and even smart phones, the Niko Home Control system allows you to control all aspects of your home environment quickly, easily and even remotely. Control lighting, sockets, heat and air conditioning and monitor your energy consumption (and production too!) – this system is beautifully streamlined and usable.

Monitoring Energy Consumption

Our energy provision is changing rapidly. Energy is being produced in a much more sustainable way, and we must reduce our CO2 emissions more and more. By using smart switches for lighting, heating, socket outlets, ventilation and other installations, Niko Home Control ensures that you have the lowest possible energy consumption. This is good for the environment and for your wallet. Click to see more…

Lighting Control

Lighting is more than switching the lights on and off. With lighting control you can optimally light every space. Because lighting control means pleasant lighting, better ergonomics, more safety … and considerable energy savings. Dimmers, transformers, LED lighting: you can find the lighting control solutions for homes, offices, schools and workshops right here. Click to learn more…

Ventilation Control

Optimise the ventilation in your home. On the Niko Home Control touchscreen and your smartphone, you can monitor just how healthy the air in your home is and how much CO² is present. You can rapidly adjust the ventilation level in one or more rooms or briefly put your ventilation on ‘boost’.

Do you wish to automatically decrease your ventilation at bedtime? Or activate economy mode while you spend a weekend at the coast? It’s all possible. Thanks to smart ventilation, your ventilation will only work when it’s necessary. This stops you from wasting energy.  Click to read more….

Heating Control

Thanks to Niko Home Control, you can now also monitor your heating, cooling and hot water from one central location. You can control all essential heating system functions, and do this remotely too.

Your living room is used at different times from your kitchen or bathroom. After school, your children may play or study in their bedrooms. With Niko Home Control, you heat each room in your home only when it’s necessary.  Click to know more…

Control Shutters, Blinds & Shading

Niko Home Control lets the resident close the roll-down shutters automatically at night while they are away, or roll down blinds automatically when needed. Even when the resident is not at home this energy-efficient solution ensures that indoor temperatures are kept within limits. Click to find out more…

Safety and Security

Adding Safety and Security benefits to your Niko Home Control installation gives you complete piece of mind.

Linking smoke detectors or fire alarm system, adding an intruder alarm function or panic alarm function, or simply activating presence simulation to make an empty house looked lived in, are all possible with Niko Home Control. Click to learn more…

Niko’s Manufacturing Partners

In addition to the vast control capability from the Niko Home Control modules directly, Niko are working with other manufacturers to allow seamless integration with their systems without the need for complex wiring or programming. This list of manufacturing partners is ever growing. Click to see more…

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