We offer courses to businesses who are already practising in the electrical industry to teach them how to design, sell and install Niko Home Control Installations.

Please call 01656 746 766 if you require further information.

Becoming an Approved Niko Installer

Here at Moss Technical we are extremely proud of our bespoke training facility for Niko Home Control. Click here to view our programme of training for all electrical installers interested in learning more about home automation.

We offer high quality, CEDIA approved training. The 2 day training course includes both theory-based learning and hands-on teaching. If you have no prior experience of home automation or a good level of understanding of electrical installations, these sessions will equip you with more information about home automation installations.

Training includes:

• An introduction to Niko home automation systems including a full system overview

• Wiring homes and commercial premises for automated home control systems

• Programming and commissioning a Niko Home Control installation

• Selling Niko systems and the concept to your customers

An installers certificate will be issued upon completion of the course, which gives you CEU points for CEDIA Installer accreditation.

Please call 01656 746 766 for further information

Home Control Course Dates

To register an interest in Niko Home Control training, please contact the office on 01656 746766 or email

For information on training, please email


For information on training, please email

For information on training, please email



I have never felt as though the training comes at the start of the journey and is then forgotten about as you try to develop your skills with the system. From brief over the phone training to the module seminars after new product releases, I feel as though you are never left to learn the system alone.

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Niko Home Control

Niko supports you with an intelligent management system that controls the electronic installation of your home.

Niko Training

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