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Moss Technical

Our primary aim at Moss Technical is put the client in touch with our Installation Partners and help deliver a project to its full potential in any way we can. It’s as simple as that.

By providing the correct level of product training and support to the installer, both initially and ongoing, the product itself – Niko Home Control – with its vast capabilities and control options, cost effectiveness and energy saving features, sells itself.

Contact us to find your local Niko UK Partner on 01656 746766 or click here for our Partner Locator.

Any electrician can undertake the training, so you may have your own preferred electrician who isn’t as yet approved. Why not let us train them on one of our training courses and add them to our growing network?

Niko Home Control

Niko supports you with an intelligent management system that controls the electronic installation of your home.

Niko Training

Would you like to become a Niko Home Control professional? Click here for eligibility.

Niko Field Support

Do you need on-site support for a new or existing Niko installation? Contact us today…

Company History

Moss Technical was founded in 1998 by Andy Moss, an aircraft electronics engineer in the Royal Air Force, who dreamed of owning and developing a business founded on the qualities learned during his service in the RAF: Dependability, integrity, professionalism and on-going commitment to the very highest standards.

Through studying electronics in depth, Andy attained the skill and knowledge needed to work closely with the technical requirements of Niko Home Control systems and related products. Andy and his team now offer expert, industry accredited support and assistance to clients and installers, alongside exceptional Niko and other specialist products.

With two fully grown, successful businesses to their name, our Niko Home Control distribution company has a bright and promising future ahead. None of this however, would have been possible without the drive and dedication of the team at Moss Technical who work hard together to always put the customers’ needs before their own.

Moss Technical are proud of the opportunity that has been bestowed on them as the UK distributor, by the management of one of the largest manufacturers of electrical and electronic control equipment in Europe, Belgian based Niko.

Meet The Team

Andy Moss

Managing Director

Nicky Moss

Office Manager

Tisha Barnes

Accounts Manager

Gareth Loye

Operations Manager

Sam Stanford

Accounts Admin Assistant

Jack McAndrew

Electrical & Smart Home Apprentice