Tigerlily Hotel

Project Description

Tigerlily is the flagship venue of Montpeliers (Edinburgh). Launched in 1992, Montpeliers is one of the most dynamic, forward thinking bar/restaurant, nightclub and hotel groups in Scotland. Tigerlily, based on George Street, is the place to go in Edinburgh for food, drink and sleep.

Over a decade ago, the hotel was kitted out with a state-of-the-art home automation system. Nikobus, the system from Niko Belgium, allowed for bespoke lighting and scene creation throughout the hotel.

Significant advancements have been made to home automation installations over the past 10 years and Niko is no exception. NHC2 has now replaced Nikobus and indeed the original Niko Home Control installation.

The Nikobus system installed at the hotel, though working, was not the most up to date technology available and in late 2018, it was proposed that an upgrade to NHC2 (Niko Home Control 2) might be beneficial in cutting costs and allowing for even more advanced control of lighting and the associated lighting scenes within the hotel, including the bar, reception, restaurant and nightclub, Lulu.

The upgrade and replacement process took just three days and all work was carried out throughout the night to ensure minimal disruption to paying hotel guests. The new system has been welcomed by the managers of the hotel as predetermined scenes are automatically selected without user input, based on the time of day/evening making for a consistent and reliable ambience for guests to enjoy. The lighting scenes change very slowly so the clientele is unaware of the shift in lighting. However, if required, the lighting can be tweaked via an iPad and in the event of an emergency, the lighting can be instantly increased to allow staff and guests more clarity and a safer exit pathway.

Fraser Kyle, Manager of the Tigerlily Hotel comments:

“Tigerlilly is a stand out venue in Edinburgh. We have super swish bars, bold bedrooms and decadent décor so why wouldn’t we go for the best intelligent automation system too? NHC2 allows us total control of all our lighting to create different scenes for our guests. It’s easy to use, visually sleek and its economical too. The installation team were efficient and discrete and we’re delighted with the overall installation upgrade.”

Niko products used:

Tigerlily Hotel

9 switched circuits

63 0-10 dimming

Lulu Nightclub

12 switched

30 0-10 dimming