Lit to Perfection – Blunsdon House Hotel

Project Description

A family run 4-star hotel in Swindon appointed Swindon Home Control to complete an extensive refurbishment on the function area within their Best Western Premier Collection Hotel.

The aim of the refurbishment was to strip all outdated features from the function room and to re-install a fresh modern look which was designed to modernise and brighten the room.

An external lighting company had initially been chosen to design and supply all lighting for the room but they had also been challenged with offering a method to power and switch the lights through a simple and seamless panel. CDSI, the lighting company, got in touch with Swindon Home Control, a Niko UK Partner, and discussed the requirements. It was decided that Niko would be the best installation to offer a seamless switching experience as well as giving total control of the system through a touch screen which was to be installed in a communal staff area.

The room was split in to two areas, a stage and a bar area. Although a single room, the owners wanted the room to have clear separations. Niko allowed perfectly for this separation to be achieved through zonal lighting scenes.

The bar area, made up of a mixture of recessed spot lights and LED RGBW tape, was split into 3 zones. The larger stage area was then split into 6 zones to allow for additional lighting. All the zones were wired individually. Although the client would consistently use the same scenes and multiple lights at the same time, it was decided to keep the infrastructure as wide as possible to allow for any future changes. With this in mind, every zone was kept separate and DALI drivers were installed at the fittings to ensure a future proof installation.

The installation was implemented smoothly over a two-week period. Over the installation, there were minor changes in lighting requirements by the client which improved the room but accommodating for such change was not a problem and the finish came together extremely effectively. It was of paramount importance that the project did not overrun as an event had been booked for the day after the predicted completion date.

The client was very pleased with the finished Niko installation and as well as being impressed by the lighting controls, it was noted how stylish the touch screen was.

One of the major benefits to the client is the clarity with which lighting scenes are displayed on the touch screen. There is a clear button for each scene ensuring a simple one touch solution. The second noted benefit was the scene selection that was created. The scenes have been designed to suit the room they were built for. Without having to do anything more than touch a button, the client no longer needs to fiddle with switches and tweak dimmers in order to get the mood right for customers, Niko does it for them. Now the lights have dedicated scenes for weddings, conferences, wakes and events which means more time concentrating on their customers and not their lighting.

Materials Used:

1qty Connected Controller
1qty 6x Switching Module
2qty 1-10v analogue control module
1qty touch screen 3
1qty 6-fold led button anthracite
2qty 2x400w dimming modules

Thomas Gascoigne

Swindon Home Control Limited


James Theobald

CDSI Lighting Limited