Future-proof Home in Hungerford

Project Description

In 2018, a couple looking to build their forever home attended the NSBRC in Swindon where they discovered Niko Home Control and were keen to find out more.  The couple had already decided to build their new home using a timber frame from WeberHaus and it was the job of Thomas Gascoigne, a Niko Partner from Swindon Home Control to come up with a Niko solution that was fit for their new, timber frame home. 

Once the client met with Swindon Home Control, it was clear that they wanted to create a home that would be fit for purpose throughout their retirement, combining current top spec technology whilst allowing them the possibility of adding comfort features in the future to ensure it was a home that could evolve with them.  The clients worked with Swindon Home Control to design four hubs allowing for the most efficient cabling system as well as having each zone wired locally.  Installing Niko modules would allow for control over all the lighting, heating, blinds, Velux windows seamlessly, creating scenes and moods at the touch of a button – via wall switches, mobile apps and voice control technology.

Thomas Gascoigne from Swindon Home Control, comments:

“Despite the amount of lighting  outlets, data outlets, sockets, blinds etc., we managed to pull in just over a miles worth of cable in the first week, allowing us the time in the second week to get everything into position and ready to close up.  The biggest challenge in timber frame houses which are built off site is making sure that everything is planned before going to be manufactured.  We spent about 18 months planning the layouts before anything was even built!”.

One of the biggest challenges in prefabricated timber framed houses is ensuring everything is planned well in advance so that the manufacturers can allow for them in the production of the timber frame.  Every electrical outlet had to be planned, placed and confirmed so that cable routes could be fabricated into the build, ready for use. Boxes needed to be cut and installed ready and conduits were in place so as not to disturb the walls once they had been manufactured.  Once all the plans were finalised, fabrication of the timber frame began and once it was delivered, it was a simple task to install the pre-planned electrical components. 

Although the project ran smoothly, there were minor changes to the installation and some unforseen problems did occur, but all variations were easily manageable by the on-site team and all the installers, both from the UK and Germany, pulled together to create a great finish. 

This project was shortlisted for the Build It Awards 2019 for 2 categories, Best Accessible Home and Best Home Technology Installation as well as being featured in the Build It Magazine. 

Thomas Gascoigne, Managing Director, Swindon Home Control – Principal Contractor for the electrical and home control installation.   Specializing in home control systems, Wi-Fi integrations and audio solutions.  www.swindonhomecontrol.co.uk   

List of Niko products used:

Connected Controller

Power Supplies

6 x switching modules

3 x switching modules

Dimmer modules

Velux Integration

Audio controls