Concrete Control

Project Description

In 2016, a Midlands based family, visited the Homebuilding and Renovating Show in Birmingham and fell in love with the Niko Home Control (NHC) solution and decided they had to have it installed in their new home.

The Sutton Coldfield project included the demolition of an existing bungalow and a complete rebuild to create a large 5-­‐bedroom family home.

The brief was to install a fully integrated electrical installation to offer benefits including NHC’s lighting control, heating control, ventilation control, motor control, touch screen control and video entry as well as TV HD distribution, SONOS multiroom audio through Connect Amps and Amina’s Invisible speakers, data network and WiFi distribution. They also required intruder and smoke alarms to ensure the family’s safety at all times.

A third party electrician had already been contracted by the homeowners, as part of the build cost, so the Niko Home Control installer had to work with a new Niko Home Control Installer to manage first and second fix progress. Although the project did encounter some delays on the build side, the Niko Home Control installation has allowed the family many benefits.

Lisa Ledbury, the homeowner, comments:

“The company are fantastic to work with and the team are great. We got on from the minute we met at the show. I especially loved the video entry system and remote access capabilities of Niko. Although not part of Niko Home Control, Amina’s Invisible speakers are also one of the family’s favourite features.

We have teenage children and the video entry system allows me to lie in bed and let them in when they’re home from an evening out without having to get out of bed. I know they’re home safely but I don’t have to move and I know they won’t take their keys out with them and lose them!

The scene control function through Niko’s lighting controls really works. We have a scene setting for ‘cooking’, ‘evening’ and ‘dining’ and they set the mood for whatever is going on in the house, perfectly. It’s all done with the touch of a single button on the Niko app on the smartphone, tablet or on the NHC touchscreen panel.

We wanted to make sure the house was secure when we are away too and the ability to turn lights on and off from outside the home means that we can mimic movement within the home, deterring burglars from entering. What’s more, our lights will all come on if an alarm does go off, which is a great safety function.

The lighting control function is also used as a form of communication in our house! We turn the lights off in the kid’s rooms, from the Niko Home Control app on our phones, so they know when it’s time to come downstairs for supper”.

The project took just under a year to complete and the products used have created the perfect smart home for the family. For more information on what Niko Home Control can offer, visit our website