Assisted Living In Lancashire

Project Description

An approved Niko Home Control installer was approached by a homeowner in Lancashire to make improvements to an existing smart home, equipped with an out-dated system. This project showcases Niko Home Control’s flexibility, longevity, ease of use, value for money and innovation and has recently been awarded ‘Best Residential Project’ at the Smart Solutions Awards 2018.

The resident is wheelchair bound and had been using the Nikobus system to better enable her to control many aspects of the home. After a lightening strike damaged the property, the resident’s insurance allowed for a full renovation and installers were instructed to implement Niko Home Control in order to ensure the house was suitable for assisted wheelchair living.

This upgrade allowed for full functionality to be restored and new features added, including video entry and smartphone/tablet control.

The planning and design process was straightforward. The client required a secure, safe and easy to use home to live in comfortably, from the confines of her wheelchair. Speed and efficiency was imperative as the client needed to be able to react to doorbells, power cuts and emergencies, quickly and from her wheelchair.

After an initial design period, the chosen system configuration was to include lighting and motor control, with video entry, alarm and rain sensors as well as electric skylights.

Lighting and motor control would allow the client to change the lighting configurations at the touch of a button. This ease of use was paramount to the client. In recent times, if she wished to move to another room, she’d struggle to find light switches and would enter in the dark.

Motor control has also improved the feeling of safety as she is now able to control curtains and blinds.

The video entry system from Niko Home Control means that the client is able to answer the front door from her tablet and can also see exactly who is at her property to ensure it’s safe to let them in. If deliveries are being made to the property, she is able to open the front door from seated.

What’s more, rain sensors on windows mean that if it starts to rain, the windows with will shut automatically, so there’s no cause for concern if the resident cannot get to the window to shut it or indeed if she forgets to shut them before going out, as they will shut as soon as the alarm system is armed.

Control4 AV distribution and Sonos Multiroom Audio was installed to allow the client full control over music and TV viewing. Once again, all of which are controllable from tablet/phone or computer.

The client has reported a huge improvement in ease of use since Niko Home Control has been in place and has commented the following:

“Amazing! Niko Home Control has changed my whole way of living and has allowed me a relatively normal life within my own home.”

For more information about how Niko Home Control could help you or a relative, please visit the Niko UK website