Modular Lighting Instruments and Niko are joining forces. The collaboration between the two Friends of Hue partners will make it possible to operate Modular’s smart lighting with Niko’s wireless switches. The ultimate in design and quality. Niko is the expert in switches and smart home; Modular is the first architectural lighting company to bring connected lighting to high-end residential environments. The combination of the two is a perfect match. Apart from complementing each other perfectly in terms of design, these two quality brands also take each other to the next level when it comes to functionality.

Friends of Hue join forces

Both brands are part of Signify’s Friends of Hue programme. Modular has already integrated the Philips Hue technology into its product portfolio for some time now, while Niko is ready to launch switches perfect for controlling Philips Hue smart lights. Both products are integrated with the Philips Hue smart lighting system via the Hue Bridge. So now it is possible to control Modular architectural lighting with Niko’s designed switches with no effort.

Using the Philips Hue app, you can configure the switches suiting your needs: switch your Modular lighting on/off at a touch of a button, select up to four pre-programmed scenes, dim the light to create a specific mood in your space. All these options are available straight from the wall switch.

Being fully wireless, the Niko switches can be freely positioned on the wall without the need for electrical wiring or installation. And since they use power harvesting (battery-free) technology, installers, building managers or consumers will never have to replace a battery or think about maintenance. The switches work wherever, whenever.

Thanks to Niko Pure’s sleek design, the switches can now be well integrated into every interior and they perfectly complement the design of Modular’s architectural lighting.

Design meets design

As design pioneers, both brands have become trendsetters in the world of interior design. Modular has an impressive portfolio of iconic lighting fittings, from Vaedar to Marbul and Flat Moon. In turn, Niko has been proving for years that switches can be a great asset to your interior. Niko Pure is a range that excels in ultra-sleek design and timeless materials. Two Niko Pure finishes will be used for this partnership: Niko Pure white steel and Niko Pure black steel.

The new wireless dimmer switch is available now.

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