Factory of the Future

Niko can now call itself a ‘Factory of the Future’. The Belgian market leader in switching material, socket outlets and home automation received this award, which was presented by Agoria, for its future-oriented efforts. Agoria guides companies that have chosen to enhance their competitiveness, and evolve to become a factory of the future, through a transformational process. Investments made to digitise its factory, technologically advanced machines and new technologies are all intended to prepare the family business from Sint-Niklaas for the future. Together with an innovative work organisation and a crucial focus on sustainability, this will strengthen the company’s competitive position internationally.

Geert Jacobs from Agoria: “Factories of the future are companies that, thanks to smart investments in their machines, digitisation, processes and employees, are among the world’s best in terms of product development and production. Niko has successfully completed all the transformational processes and now meets the criteria to officially call itself a ‘Factory of the Future’.

To find out more, visit https://www.niko.eu/enus/all-news/2019/factory-of-…

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