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The focus on smart phone technology has meant that the possibility of a single app controlling all aspects of the home has become a reality. A smartphone can be used both as a console to create and modify the homes ‘comfort recipes’ and as a remote control to turn things on and off manually. One such modern installation that offers single app technology is Niko Home Control.

Niko Home Control offers a free and downloadable app that can be installed on an iPhone, iPad or Android device and can control everything from anywhere in the world, linking everything in your home together. What’s more, rather than controlling the installation from just one piece of hardware, any of the features can be turned on or off by all of the above gadgets at any one time.

Through a user-friendly interface with brightly coloured widgets, residents can control all functions included in the Niko Home Control installation, such as switching and dimming lights or operating roll-down shutters and gates. The screen also displays details about electricity, gas and water consumption, at any time, as well as linking with Sonos and Bose music systems to allow for total musical control from wherever you are. The application can be used both indoors within reach of the Wi-Fi network and outdoors via mobile networks such 3G, 4G, GPRS or a Wi-Fi hotspot, making the home ultra-accessible.

Security is key with Niko, and unlike other smart home installations, Niko Home Control uses a closed software system. Niko developed Niko Home Control in house and as a result their system is classed as ‘closed’, making it practically impossible to hack in to, whether that’s directly or through Niko’s app. Not only does Niko function as a closed system, but app users have the additional security of their internet connection which is already encrypted using passwords provided by internet operators to ensure the security of those who have access to it. The indoor and outdoor remote control makes use of Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connections, ensuring security at all times.

What’s more, when the app is installed on a smartphone or tablet in conjunction with an external video unit and Wi-Fi, residents can view who’s at the front door or gate and allow access, all via the app.

The Niko Home Control App is downloadable for free from the app store.