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Invisible audio inside intelligent villa

This beautiful 12-person holiday destination villa, located on the Ibiza coast overlooks the islands of S’illa des Bosque and Conejera which themselves frame the most famous sunset in Ibiza. With the Mediterranean sun, vibrant sea and the impressive villa interior, what else can one ask for in an ultimate holiday experience? A high clarity sound system that is invisible once installed perhaps?

Superbly specified, this villa has six luxurious bedrooms and a kitchen/lounge/dining room all in one that overlooks the garden, swimming pool and ultimately the sea. Each of the six guest rooms have en-suite shower rooms and are fully equipped with state-of-the-art integrated technology.

Amina invisible loudspeakers are situated in each of the bedrooms, the dining room and a basement cinema room. This allows the minimalist design to stay unblemished by visible speakers whilst enjoying high quality, even, room filling audio throughout. The cinema basement is one of the smallest rooms in the villa, so use of space is crucial; Installed into the walls of the room, the loudspeakers are plastered over, rendering them invisible and occupying zero space in the cinema whilst providing a large sweet spot in which to enjoy an exquisite cinema surround sound experience.

Each of the six bedrooms, with open plan en suite, include an in-wall television, comfortable queen sized beds and an ample amount of space to relax. Whether enhancing television viewing or for romantic scene setting audio, Amina invisible speakers perfectly compliment the minimalist design and provide discrete, but powerful, audio that is a pleasure to listen to.

The most spacious area in the villa consists of an open plan kitchen, dining room and living space. The dispersive nature of Amina VPT (Vibrational Panel Technology) invisible loudspeakers are ideal for filling such areas with consistent volume, often with significantly fewer speakers than would be needed when using conventional ceiling speakers.

VPT speakers propagate sound hemispherically from the walls or ceilings right across the frequency range; they do not get more directional as frequency increases. The easiest way to understand this is to imagine how musical instruments such as violins and acoustic guitars fill a space with sound. Classical music lovers often make the comment that music from Amina Invisible Loudspeakers sounds more like being at a live classical concert than that produced by any other speaker.

The result is a picturesque villa; allowing piercing natural light to highlight an exquisite minimalist design with high quality audio creating a beautiful Mediterranean ambience and overall design perfection.